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Vehicles of Tomorrow 2019
Language: en
Pages: 160
Authors: Johannes Liebl
Categories: Technology & Engineering
Type: BOOK - Published: 2021-06-16 - Publisher: Springer Nature

What type of sustainable concepts will meet future mobility requirements? Digitization is leading to the growth of the "sharing society". Especially in megacities, automation and the challenges to last mile logistics are likely to increase significantly. The question is: How can we use active development methods to design clean, efficient
Human Systems Engineering and Design II
Language: en
Pages: 1105
Authors: Tareq Ahram, Waldemar Karwowski, Stefan Pickl, Redha Taiar
Categories: Technology & Engineering
Type: BOOK - Published: 2019-08-13 - Publisher: Springer

This book focuses on novel design and systems engineering approaches, including theories and best practices, for promoting a better integration of people and engineering systems. It covers a range of hot topics related to: development of human-centered systems; interface design and human-computer interaction; usability and user experience; emergent properties of
Connected Vehicles in the Internet of Things
Language: en
Pages: 331
Authors: Zaigham Mahmood
Categories: Computers
Type: BOOK - Published: 2020-01-13 - Publisher: Springer Nature

This book presents an overview of the latest smart transportation systems, IoV connectivity frameworks, issues of security and safety in VANETs, future developments in the IoV, technical solutions to address key challenges, and other related topics. A connected vehicle is a vehicle equipped with Internet access and wireless LAN, which
Essentials of Tourism
Language: en
Pages: 472
Authors: Chris Cooper
Categories: Business & Economics
Type: BOOK - Published: 2020-10-20 - Publisher: SAGE

An up-to-date and internationally focused textbook that looks at the tourism industry in the twenty-first century. Essential reading for students of Tourism.
Advances in Creativity, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Communication of Design
Language: en
Pages: 627
Authors: Evangelos Markopoulos, Ravindra S. Goonetilleke, Amic G. Ho, Yan Luximon
Categories: Technology & Engineering
Type: BOOK - Published: 2021-07-01 - Publisher: Springer Nature

This book brings together experts from different areas to show how creativity drives design and innovation in different kind of businesses. It presents theories and best practices demonstrating how creativity generates technological invention, and how this, combined with entrepreneurship, leads to business innovation. It also discusses strategies to teach entrepreneurial