Navigating the World of Network Marketing

“I hadn't dissected the dos and the don'ts of Network Marketing yet. In the mid-nineties, it wasn't unusual for Network Marketing companies to come and go with the regularity of the seasons. This made it hard to evaluate the core ...

Navigating the World of Network Marketing

In a former life Jack Bastide was a computer programmer toiling away in a cubicle while Diane Walker was working for a government contractor. Many years later they have created a life of their dreams ... but it wasn’t easy. “Navigating The World of Network Marketing” takes you on a brilliant journey through the wild and wooly world of Multilevel Marketing (MLM). You will have a front row seat and watch vicariously as Jack and Diane overcome obstacle after obstacle throughout their voyage. Along the way you may laugh, you may cry, but you will never be bored. Not only does this book have a lot of value as pure entertainment but there are a lot of lessons to be learned as well. Any successful business person makes a lot of mistakes along the way and Jack and Diane are no different. With this book you can learn from their mistakes. Section One is a Network Marketing Novel. It tells Jack and Diane’s Story as they sail through the stormy seas of MLM overcoming bad sponsors, a dishonest former partner, companies failing, incompetent company owners, crooked uplines and much more. But it’s not all bad as they learned a lot and met a lot of great people along the way. Section Two is called “Lessons Learned in Network Marketing”, This details all they have learned throughout their journey. It gives detailed examples of what to look for and what to avoid. This Section is priceless. Section Three is called “Voices in Network Marketing” where you will hear from many of Jack and Diane’s friends and associates in Network Marketing. Whether you are an experienced Network Marketer or looking at the Industry for the first time you will thoroughly enjoy and learn something from “Navigating the World of Network Marketing”.

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