Techniques for Coding Imagery and Multimedia Emerging Research and Opportunities

Another point is that methods designed for analyzing imagery and multimedia do not only necessarily apply to social ... Coding Imagery and Multimedia: Emerging Research and Opportunities describes some of the applied methods to code ...

Techniques for Coding Imagery and Multimedia  Emerging Research and Opportunities

A variety of applications have been developed in order to engage with society. These tools have enabled computer scientists to captured large sets of unstructured data for machine learning and make the information widely available in academia. Techniques for Coding Imagery and Multimedia: Emerging Research and Opportunities is a pivotal reference source featuring the latest scholarly research on ways researchers code imagery and multimedia for research purposes, as well as describe some of the applied methods for research value. Including coverage on a wide variety of topics such as linguistic analysis, gender communication, and mass surveillance, this book is an important resource for researchers, academics, graduate students, and professionals seeking current research on best ways to globally expand multimedia research and imagery.

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