Stats Data and Models Global Edition

Stats  Data and Models  Global Edition

For courses in Introductory Statistics. Encourages statistical thinking using technology, innovative methods, and a sense of humour Inspired by the 2016 GAISE Report revision, Stats: Data and Models, 5th Edition by De Veaux, Velleman, and Bock uses innovative strategies to help students think critically about data, while maintaining the book's core concepts, coverage, and most importantly, readability. The authors make it easier for instructors to teach and for students to understand more complicated statistical concepts later in the course (such as the Central Limit Theorem). In addition, students get more exposure to large data sets and multivariate thinking, which better prepares them to be critical consumers of statistics in the 21st century. The 5th Edition's approach to teaching Stats: Data and Models is revolutionary, yet it retains the book's lively tone and hallmark pedagogical features such as its Think/Show/Tell Step-by-Step Examples. Samples Download the detailed table of contents Preview sample pages from Stats: Data and Models, Global Edition

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