People Stuff Beyond Personality Problems

It's here we can grind away rough edges with 'tough love' feedback from supportive peers. It's here we can express our feelings without judgment, to show up real, and be renewed. If we are to master people stuff, we need people.

People Stuff   Beyond Personality Problems

Do people drive you nuts? Are silos and turf wars challenging the culture? Wondering if it ever gets any easier? The toughest - and best - part of leadership is the people. But let’s face it, people dynamics can be tricky. Solutions are within. People Stuff is your map to the complex territory of human behaviour and leadership strategies. People Stuff goes well beyond frustrating ‘personality clashes’ to uncover the dynamics of human interactions at work. You’ll clarify how you see yourself, your people and your organisation to avoid ineffective superficial solutions to complex problems. Perspective is power. In order to create positive and lasting change, we need to dive below the surface and see the patterns and systems that are creating the issues in the first place. People Stuff offers intuitive maps and frameworks to develop your practice of perspective. You’ll be able to see more and lead better. When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at don’t change, WE do. How we see ourselves affects how effective we are as leaders. By using a combination of the five key leadership archetypes - the Elder, Pioneer, Guardian, Warrior, and Diplomat - you’ll be able to meet the current business challenges with the right approach for maximum influence. Personalities aren’t the problem, systems are. When the Four Devils appear in the workplace, it’s tempting to give up on them as character flaws. With the Four Devils map, you’ll be able to pinpoint the symptoms and causes of the toughest people challenges, and implement effective long-term solutions. If you’re a leader who’s called to make an impact, then People Stuff will give you the perspective tools to see issues before they escalate. You’ll also be able to anticipate positive ripples so you can truly lead with compassion and wisdom.

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