Noah And Me

Martha Yamnitz. Noah Me A Bible Story for Children with Life Applications MARTHA YAMNITZ ISBN 978-1-6133-914-3 paperback ) ISBN 978-1-61299-9150 ulipital ) Alingen . Front Cover.

Noah And Me

How are you like Noah? Yes, Noah from the Bible, Noah who built an ark, Noah who took care of all those animals, Noah who trusted God. So how are you like Noah? Find out as you read Noah and Me, a Bible story written for children with life application questions that will help you realize just how much you have in common with Noah. A book designed for parents and children to share that takes them through the powerful tale of Noah's journey as he and his family trusted God when no one else did. Questions placed on each page can be used by parents, grandparents, or teachers to help children grasp how this story, that happened so very long ago, matters and relates to their life today. With playful illustrations that capture the personalities and drama of the adventure, Noah and Me is sure to become a family favorite. website

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