How Space Works

SPACE EXPLORATION 202203 The Space Shuttle The Space Shuttle HOW MANY SPACE SHUTTLES WERE THERE? NASA's Space Shuttle was a revolutionary launch system that combined conventional rockets with a reusable spaceplane the size of a small ...

How Space Works

The clearest, most visual e-guide to space and the Universe for complete beginners to astronomy. Have you ever asked yourself how big the Universe is, how far it is to the nearest star, or what came before the Big Bang? Then this is the book for you. How Space Works shows you the different types of object in the Universe (so you'll know your pulsars from your quasars) and introduces you to some of the strangest and most wonderful things known to science, including dark matter particles and ancient white dwarf stars that are almost as old as the Universe itself. The ebook starts with an explanation of our view of the Universe from Earth, then takes a tour of the Solar System, the stars and galaxies, and the furthest reaches of space. The last chapter looks at the technology we use to explore the Universe, from the International Space Station to Mars rovers and the new and revolutionary reusable rockets. Illustrated with bold graphics and step-by-step artworks - and peppered with bite-sized factoids and question-and- answer features - this is the perfect introduction to astronomy and space exploration.

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