Embroidery for the Absolute Beginner

Embroidered pieces are often personalized with monograms, initials, names, and messages. Cross stitch (see page 36), for example, has been used traditionally to work the name and date on samplers, and is still the most popular lettering ...

Embroidery for the Absolute Beginner

Discover how to use traditional embroidery techniques from simple cross stitch to pulled thread embroidery—even if you’ve never embroidered before. The book introduces the reader to many different stitchery techniques from simple cross stitch to intricate pulled threadwork. Some of the techniques are useful for making decorative borders, while others are good for adding spot designs, monograms and lettering, and applying beads and sequins. There are twenty designs to choose from including motifs for attractive home accessories and a wide range of fashionable garments. Readers will also find out how the simplest of sewing machines can create embroidered pieces in a fraction of the time it takes to do it by hand. Everything is explained with clear, step-by-step photography and no-nonsense, easy-to-follow text.

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