A Gangster a Baller

You need a college degree just to work at McDonalds. Tyreal I aint worried about that. I'm a come up wherever I go. Felicia Down south isn't like up here. You know how much you hate bugs. Our bugs aint nothin' like down there.

A Gangster   a Baller

A Gangster & A Baller (A Tale Of 2 Big Homies) is the powerful conclusion to the Platinum Dreams trilogy. It includes the screenplay, the official soundtrack, & the 3rd episode from Tyrone Pierson’s new Atlanta based sitcom “Son Of Superman”. When Tyreal North gets out of prison, he hopes to STAY out of prison, & sell his television show. In search of a better life, he moves to Atlanta, & ends up meeting two big homies. One of them is a Gangster from California, & the other one is a Baller from Minneapolis. The Baller doesn’t want him associating with the Gangster, & the Gangster doesn’t want him socializing with the Baller. Eventually, Tyreal realizes the Baller represents God in his life, & the Gangster represents the devil in his life. And they’re competing for his soul. After Tyreal starts a secret society for Alpha Males, he meets a Alpha Feminist, who appears to be the dream wife from hell. With one foot in the church, & the other foot in the street, Tyreal works in the day, & hustles at night, until he’s able to secure his dream job at Turner Broadcasting System. The Baller is happy for him, but the Gangster attempts to sabotage his victory. When it builds up to a spiritual showdown between good & evil, there are multiple casualties, but Tyreal is able to come out victorious. “A Gangster & A Baller” surgically interlocks the lives of a Angel, a Demon, a Super Hero, a War Hero, & a Drug War Survivor , as it professionally articulates how far a man must go to bulletproof his Dreams & survive spiritual warfare. From near-death experiences & conspiracy theories, to gang activity & paranormal activity, this is unequivocally... one of the most awesome success stories ever written!!

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