The African Experience

There was plenty of room for business expansion, and they did expand, setting up distribution centers and retail outlets in remote villages of the African countryside. Moreover, as migrant workers, Indians gave little trouble to the ...

The African Experience

Updated in its 4th edition, The African Experience is the only interdisciplinary survey to examine this region of the world from geographic, linguistic, social, historical, and political perspectives. Drawing on research from all of the social sciences, this text captures Africa in its complex totality. The African Experience helps readers develop a comprehensive and critical understanding of Africa, one that allows them to grasp the regions internal dynamics and its evolving place in the world.

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Africans and Indians
Language: en
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Authors: Barbara A. Faggins
Categories: History
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This fascinating text examines the union of Africans and American Indians in Virginia during colonial times.
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This volume will revise the way we look at the modern populations of Latin America and North America by providing a totally new view of the history of Native American and African American peoples throughout the hemisphere. Africans and Native Americans explores key issues relating to the evolution of racial
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Sana Aiyar chronicles the strategies by which Indians sought a political voice in Kenya, from the beginning of colonial rule to independence. She examines how the strands of Indians’ diasporic identity influenced Kenya’s leadership—from partnering with Europeans to colonize East Africa, to collaborating with Africans to battle racial inequality.