✅ If Lisbeth Salander and Jack Reacher had a Black/Thai love child…she would be SOPHIE.

✅ Brilliant hacker, MMA fighter, domestic abuse survivor, chronic depressive

✅ Likes kids and animals more than people

✅ Superpower: everyone falls in love with Sophie

✅ Likes to go off the grid and hide under a fake identity

✅ Never, never gives up on a case. Never.

Paradise is filled with deadly secrets.

What would you do if you were a killer's loose end?

Palm trees, volcanoes, and black sand beaches are the backdrop for murder as security specialist Sophie Ang, and her dog Ginger, are swept up in a multi-layered case on the Big Island of Hawaii working with a US Marshal to protect an important witness. A ghost from Sophie's past returns to haunt her, and a love triangle tears at her heart. Sophie will need all of her friends, lovers, tech-savvy, and skills to stay alive...and that's just her day job.

"Toby Neal has an amazing talent for weaving a complex and exciting plot together with fascinating descriptions of the characters' emotions and fears.  I can't wait for the next book!" ~Walt, Advance Reader

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